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Splatoon 3 Idol Concept

Posted by cru5h - August 10th, 2022

Hey, everyone! Since Splatoon 3's release is closer than ever and the direct being 1 hour away, I'd like to show off a concept for some idols I came up with a few days ago. Ladies and gents, I present to you Lily and Coral: the members of Raging Waterfall!


I based some of the aspects of Raging Waterfall off of two things: the logo in the new plaza in the first trailer (the one with the music notes, lightning bolts, and eye with a scar through it) and Pearl's octoling counterpart from some S2 concept art (You know, Octo Pearl!):


(I REALLY REALLY love this version of Pearl! She's just so cute! I just hope that maybe Nintendo can repurpose the design in one way, obiously for creating new idols. She just fits that vibe S3's aiming for, mainly 'cause of her hair. If she don't come back in S3, at least bring back dedf1sh Nintendo! Or just give us mind blowing idols and an awesome story mode.)

Anyway, with that being said, here are the backstories of the girls and how they met:

Lily: Lily is a coconut octopus octoling and was a octoling soldier back in the day (though not an elite one; she was clumsy) and close friends with Marina. After Marina began rising the ranks through octarian society, the two started to drift apart, though Lily was pushing to make the relationship last longer. The two did hang out sometimes, but once Marina reached the position she was in in S1, Lily was isolated from her. She then kept to herself for some time, not really reaching out to others. The night the S1 final boss happened and Lily heard the Inkantation, she set out for the surface, hoping that she'd probably make it out there. She brough her synth, laptop, and recording equipment with her and got going. She decided to work at a record shop for a while so she could get enough money for a can and to get some food, but when she did she just left that job and became a drifter. She went from city to city preforming small gigs for cash so she can survive in the world and didn't quite want anything else in life. That was the case until she met Coral, who completely changed her life for the better. Coral convinced her that life had more to offer and then the two started Raging Waterfall and got a huge following among inklings and octolings. Following their sucess, Lily and Coral moved into an apartment together and Lily finally didn't feel alone anymore.

Coral: Coral is a mimic octopus octoling and and was an octarian spy (a high ranking one, might I add; she was a mimic octopus-type octoling so she could mimic any sea creature's behavior, so if she needed to blend in with inklings, which she did, she'd basically know their language in an instant and be able to spy on them with ease.) during the events of S1 and S2. Unlike Lily who went to the surface after S1, Coral stayed in Octopia for years before she ever thought about going to the surface, since she just loved her job. When she did turn, Coral decided that she was going to make a name for herself on the surface and began working at a nightclub as a DJ (Both her and Lily are around Marina's age, so shut your traps before ya say something; Lily is 23 years old and Coral's 26 by the time S3 comes out). One day a few months after the final splatfest (a week before Mayo v Ketchup V2), Coral met Lily outside a cafe preforming a song on a synthesizer. Coral asked her that after she was done preforming if she could talk to her and Lily agreed. Then they spoke for two hours strait, about their lives and what they liked. When Coral asked Lily why she was a drifter, she finally admitted to someone about why she was the way she was: it was because she felt like the world didn't quite need her, yet she didn't wanna leave and that this feeling started when Marina began to unintentionally ghost her. Coral then told her that she shouldn't let that block your way to a great life and she should make the most out of life because eventually they'll all die. Lily then regain her confidence and her optimisim and asked Coral if she wanted to form a band. From then on, the two became known as Raging Waterfall.


Lily: optimistic, caring, confident, and silly

Coral: rebelious, daring, cool, laid back, somewhat chaotic, and strong

Fun facts:

  • Coral got a scar on her left eye from a fight with some drunk inkling that was screaming "I KNOW WHAT YOU ARE!" at her repeatedly and had a knife in hand. As for what he thought Coral was, she didn't even want to know. She placed a restraining order on the man promptly after the incident and hasn't seen him since.
  • Marina did eventually apoligize to Lily sometime before Off the Hook went on their world tour. Marina was forgiven.
  • When the duo wants to do a colab with a celebrity, they never hire the person; Coral just mimics their voice entirely so they don't have to pay for that person to work with them.
  • In the band, Lily plays synth and electric guitar while Coral mixes the samples and copies the voices of celebrities when they need to. They both sing in their songs.
  • Coral gets voice acting gigs frequently for when animatiors need someone to voice act celebrities if the creators can't reach out to them.
  • When the girls aren't being musicians, they work at a cafe that Lily opened up when Raging Waterfall first took off.

With that being said, hope y'all enjoy the S3 Direct and just keep inking and let the river run!



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